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Many-layered huge hills that reach the foot of magnificent Tokachidake mountain range. The vividness of the golden wheat swaying in the breeze, the coloring of the potato fields that makes white small flowers bloom, the farm lands cultivated in the patchwork pattern surrounded by the windbreak forest and the beautiful scenery varied in four seasons, which endows sense of peace and deep impression to all who visit there.

The beautiful landscape of "BIEI, the town of hills" that everyone imagine was first found and introduced widely by the great photographer Maeda Shinzo and since then many photographers and people who love BIEI have visit there and enjoy taking beautiful photos and take them home with great memories.

"BIEI the town of hills" attract attention worldwide as a Mecca of landscape photographs. However, on the other hand, manners and rules for photographing the great landscapes are not widely known, and there is a problem to be solved to reconcile between agriculture and tourism, caused by the case of tourist`s entering farmland as a subject of photographs.

We must protect the great landscape created by our predecessors through their engagement in agriculture and forestry.

Nowadays many people visit BIEI for beauty, we will capture the beauty of BIEI in photos for the future generations, and also aim to create a community that enables everyone who visit BIEI to interact with local people through those beautiful photos.

With the united cooperation of all who love BIEI including both those who are living in BIEI and those who are visiting BIEI, we "BIEI the town of hills: Landscape Photography International Forum" wishes to disseminate the beauty of BIEI as well as the joy of taking eye-grabbing scenic photos not only to domestic Japan but also to the world.