In order to keep the agriculture and landscape of the hills of the town Biei

In order to inherit the future the importance of agricultural landscape, to our landscape conservation activities in cooperation with the region together with, please help us by all means.

To honor the agriculture and landscape of the hill town Biei
Shooting Manners & Rules
Please cooperate when taking photos and videos
Hill town Biei has become an important tourism resource with magnificent nature, vast field that is home of agricultural products, forests and patchwork fields that change colors every season against the backdrop of the Tokachi mountains. It's the farmers of Biei that create and maintain this unique agricultural landscape.
We ask the visitors who enjoy the scenery of the hills and take pictures & videos to refrain from behavior that interferes farmers' production activities. When taking photos and videos, give way to others and follow the manners and rules.
Please cooperate to conserve the landscape together with the local community so we could inherit this important agricultural landscape to the future generation. We are also gladly participating.

Organizations Overview

To take over the beautiful landscape that has been brought up to protect the life of agriculture in the next generation, while exchanges in Japan and overseas photographers and tourists and the photos and video, set the shooting manners and rules of Biei, of agricultural land by the spread and thereby to contribute to the development of the protection and the local economy.

Name: Non-profit organization Biei-cho Photo and Video Association

Location: 9-21-21 Honcho, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido 071-0208
Phone number: 0166-92-4321 (Office: Biei Town Hall Economic and Cultural Promotion Section)

Representative: Hiroshi Iida

Established on March 2, 2018


<The 'Temporary Stop' Traffic Sign>
In Japan, the traffic sign for temporary stop at intersections and similar locations is represented by this sign. Please note that it differs slightly from international standards. There have been numerous rental car accidents at intersections, so please exercise extra caution.

Accidents involving rental cars driven by foreigners are increasing.
Driving on unfamiliar snowy roads is extremely dangerous. Please be careful.

The shooting spots in winter are quite crowded.
Please do not park in a nuisance manner.

Photo Gallery TAKUSHINKAN, opened on April 27th, 2023.

Closed on Wednesdays (no holidays from July to September) Open from 10am to 5pm.

Tokyo Camera Club 2020 Online Photo Exhibition
Special Exhibition is being held now


Biei Town "Welcome Hill Town Biei" Instagram live

Blue Pond parking lot newly opened, equipped with shops and toilets

<Paid parking at Blue Pond>

From April 2020, paid parking is available at Blue Pond.
The parking fee will be used for Blue Pond area maintenance.

<Landscape・Photo Forum 2020 cancellation notice>

Landscape・Photo Forum 2020 was scheduled for August this year but in light of the state of emergency associated with covid-19 and the uncertainty of the end to it, the association-sponsored projects such as the photo forum have been postponed.

Winners of the 2nd Hokkaido Digital Photo Contest

What is Hokkaido Digital Photo Contest?
We are looking for works taken in Hokkaido with the theme of "the unique scenery of the land formed by the nature, life and agriculture of Hokkaido", observing the "Biei rules" of Biei's photography manners.

 Please strictly keep out of the farms and private lands.

Malignant parasites can be transferred from the shoe soles and damage the crops from growing for years.

Brochures for the shooting manners and rules have been created and being distributed.

On February 1, 2018, NPO Biei-cho Photo and Video Association, tourism organizations, commerce and industry, agricultural organizations, and agricultural workers came together to launch the `` Biei-machi Shooting Rule Development Committee '' in Biei-cho and started working to create shooting rules.
Various opinions by each stakeholder were exchanged for two months, and the shooting manner rules for maintaining the farming and landscape of Biei on the hill were completed. Afterwards, we have created a brochure to introduce the shooting manner rules and it aims to enlighten everyone who take photos and videos in Biei. Your cooperation is much appreciated. It is also available in multiple languages ​​for the visitors from overseas.