The Hill Town Biei International Forum of Landscape and Photography

The Tokachidake mountain range rises majestically and the vast hills stretch in layers. The vibrant scenery of the golden wheat that flutters in the wind, the color of the potato field that blooms small white flowers, the patchwork patterned farmland surrounded by the windbreak forest, and the beautiful scenery that changes with the seasons give such impression and comfort in mind at the same time.
The beautiful scenery of the ‘hill town Biei’ that everyone dreams of was discovered and widely introduced by the photographs of Shinzo Maeda. Many photographers and people who love Biei visit from Japan and overseas and take photos with their own perspective and return home.
‘The Hill Town Biei’ draws attention worldwide as a Mecca of landscape photography. However, manners and rules for photographing the landscape are not widely known, and there are issue to be reconciled between local agricultural business and tourism  caused by the incidents such as tourists entering farmland to take photographs.
Now that many people visit Biei seeking for its beauty, we will capture this beautiful landscape in photographs and pass it on to the next generations aiming to create a place where visitors interact with locals through photography.
We must protect and nurture this landscape created by the effort of our predecessors’ in agriculture and forestry.
The Hill Town Biei International Forum of Landscape and Photography in cooperation with all who love Biei aims to bring locals and visitors together hand in hand and deliver the beauty of the hill town Biei and photography culture not only to Japan but also to the world.

Saturday, November 24th, 2018
Venue: ‘Yoshioka’, the multi-purpose hall of Biei-cho community center
Time  : 14:00-17:00

  1. Opening Ceremony
    Video image by Luke Ozawa

Piano by Yukiko Isomura

  1. Award
  2. Keynote Speech
    ‘The world of scenic Hikoki photography’ by Luke Ozawa
  3. Panel Discussion

‘Photography and videography in Biei-cho and manner and rules’
Moderator: Hiroto Sasaki, Editor-in-Chief of Asahi Camera

  • Hideo Tsukazaki, President and Representative Director of Tokyo Camera Club Corporation
  • Toshiki Nakanishi, Biei-cho based photographer
  • Tomoki Onishi, Biei-cho farmer
  • Taro Onami, Biei-cho farmer
  • Hiroaki Ogura, Biei Town Tourism officer
  1. Closing

Tuesday, November 6 – Sunday, November 25, 2018
Main venue: Hill Town Cultural Exchange Hall ‘bi.yell’
Alternative venue:

  • Takushinkan
  • Atelier Nipek
  • Bieicho Library
  • Michinoeki Biei “Oka no Kura” 2F
  • Hotel lavenir.

Mr. Luke Ozawa
Mr. Shinzo Maeda
Mr. Akira Maeda
Mr. Haruo Kikuchi
Mr. Shunichi Abe
Mr. Toshiki Nakanishi
Mr. Hajime Yamazaki
NPO Biei-cho Photo Video Association
Photo contest winners

Opening Ceremony

               Mr. Film image Luke Ozawa
               Yukiko Mr. piano ISOMURA



Aviation photographer
Luke Ozawa

In February 1959, I was born in Tokyo. 45 years facing the airplane, have a reputation in the picture development that was synchro landscape and airplane. We are pursuing a moment of light and color in the sky of Japan and the world. Radio, television, talk events, such as widely active. Beyond the lifetime airplane boarding times 2,000 times. So far worked on the calendar is the 270 installment, including the ANA. Many books, such as Photos JETLINER series. Is performed the solo exhibition in from April 13 until May 26, Shinagawa Canon Gallery S was attended by 15,200 people was established the highest ever recorded.

Ministry of International Trade and Industry Consumer Products Director Award at the 1999 national calendar exhibition, award-Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Award.
Agency of Industrial Science and Technology length Prize In the year the national calendar Exhibition 2000, Japan External Trade Organization Award, Japan won the Marketing Association Award
awarded the Education, Culture, Sports, Science Minister's Prize at the 2016 national calendar Exhibition
2018 "JETLINER supernatural" exhibition @ Shinagawa Canon Gallery S


"Light of Biei"

Shunichi Abe

Born in Kobe 1973
1995 Japan photo video professional school photo graduated from the Department of
advertising photography, portrait photography, through the faculty of Japan photo video College, Biei emigrated in 2001.
Currently, expand the work activities in the center of the landscape of Biei.

2002.06 photo exhibition "Landscape in Biei" (Higashikawa Culture Gallery)
2002.09 Daisetsuzan Sun Road Photo Exhibition Exhibition (Tokyo Yaesu underground shopping center)
2003.02 Photo Exhibition "fascinated is in Biei" (Biei-cho Tourism Association)
2004. 01 Aioi calendar cover to photograph adopted
2,005.04 rurubu Hokkaido 2005 Biei of four seasons the introduction
2,005.09 Shinkenzemi booklet cover to photograph adopted
2,006.09 collaboration literary calendar 2007 writer: Ayako Miura / Shunichi Abe
2,007.04 Furano rurubu · Biei 2007 Biei introduced
2008 .01 JINRO calendar 2008 photo adopt
2008.08 Korea magazine introduces the Biei at the Lotte card "impression" August 
2008.11 photo Exhibition "Hokkaido Four seasons" (Busan, Korea)
2009.03 Photos Exhibition "Biei of the earth" (Shinjuku, Tokyo)
2009.07 collaboration literary calendar 2010 writer: Ayako Miura / Shunichi Abe
2010 .03 NHK Hi-Vision featured in photo provided
2010.07 Koraboreshi Down literary calendar 2011 writer: Ayako Miura / Shunichi Abe
2011.07 collaboration literary calendar 2012 writer: Ayako Miura / Shunichi Abe
2,012.07 collaboration literary calendar 2013 writer: Ayako Miura / Shunichi Abe
2013 .01 NHK nationwide program "Yuudoki network" in the photo tour is introduced
2013.04 Biei-cho antenna shop (Tokyo, Yurakucho) provide a photo to
2,013.07 collaboration literary calendar 2014 writer: Ayako Miura / Shunichi Abe
2,015.03 Biei-cho "blue pond light up" poster photo
2,016.05 reconstruction Airlines (Taiwan) flight magazine introduces the Biei in a special edition of
2017.05 photo exhibition "Four seasons of Biei" (Shanghai, China)
2017.11 photo exhibition "Madokahikari draw Biei of the earth" (Ricoh imaging Square Shinjuku)

2,006.06 Photos " earth Biei "(Oriental publishing)
2,015.05 Photos" beautiful Biei of light and sky "(photo stage Ace)
2,017.11 Photos" Madokahikari draw Biei of the earth "(follower Door stage Ace)

2013 .08 "land of Biei to be healed" (photo stage Ace)


"Biei Four Seasons"

Haruo Kikuchi

Biei-cho, which is known as a city of hills, continuous gentle hill over and over again, it is expanding landscape stylish reminiscent of the countryside of Europe. This feature is a landscape of hills and Japan away than anything. Gently a generous, a rare landscape had kind feel even tolerance, spring, summer, fall and winter, show us a rich look.
Photos of the protagonist in the hills of the crop, grown from planting, harvesting and various Utsushizai appears while changing one after the other colors. Coupled with changes in the weather is remarkable and the landscape. What is surrounded by mountains of more than 2,000m Daisetsuzan system probably has become a major reason, the light will ever changed, I will change the landscape over time.

1954, born in Yamagata Prefecture, Nanyang. 1995, moved to Biei-cho from Tokyo, "northwest of the hill" outlook opened a Haruo Kikuchi photo gallery to Koenmae. 2003, to start the video shot by the high-definition camera, is currently doing, such as digital content creation by 4K video in addition to still photography. Appeared on NHK "HOKKAIDO IN FOCUS ~ photographers stare Hokkaido -", also NHK · BS Hi-Vision Feature and SONY beginning and PlayStationVR, is doing the photos and video provided in a variety of media.

Awards, exhibition-winning
2000 "glow of the earth" photo book, published
in 2001, "a tree landscape" "a flower landscape" photo book, published
in 2007, "Biei Furano of the Four Seasons" DVD, released
in 2013 "of the hill a landscape "BD, announced
2015-16 years" the most beautiful land in Japan - Biei a hill landscape "photo Exhibition @ Fujifilm photo Salon Tokyo and Osaka other
5 May 2017" the most beautiful land in Japan - Biei a hill landscape "photo Exhibition @ Fujifilm photo Salon Nagoya held
May 2018 held at "Biei Four Seasons" photo exhibition @ Shanghai, China



Toshiki Nakanishi

1971 Born in Osaka
continue going from around 1990 to Hokkaido while learning a photo on his own, moved to Biei-cho is an imaging base in 2012.
Landscape work was strongly conscious of light to the main shaft, it is also working to representation to find a traditional beauty of Japan in nature.

Japan landscape Photographers Association
Japan landscape Photographic Society leadership member
, NPO photo to send a Hokkaido home network member
Mind Shift GEAR Ambassador
Haglofs Friends
Abox Photo Academy lecturer
● Photography Exhibition
2010 Gallery NADAR / "saturation of light" exhibition at OSAKA
2012 Canon Gallery Ginza "Aya of light" exhibition at the Umeda
solo exhibition in 2013 Higashikawa culture Gallery "HIKARINOIRO +"
exhibition "ORDINARY" in 2016 Ricoh imaging Square Shinjuku
solo exhibition "unforgettable" in 2016 Osaka Space Calm
2016 EOS 5D series special photo Exhibition: the Photographers3- seeking sight tugging the heart
solo exhibition "Design" in 2017 Ebisu Hiroshi heavy Gallery
exhibition "Design & unforgettable" at 2018 Shin Sapporo Gallery
● publication 
2012 blue菁社than the photo book "light of the saturation" publication
2014 Ouka Publisher more Photos "Power of Light" published
From 2015菁社Photos "Biei-light of the trip" Publication
2016 "ORDINARY" than landscape photography publication Publication
2017 CANON Dream Lab Photos & catalog "Design" announcement


"Hokkaido Irokeshiki 2018"

Hajime Yamazaki

Asahikawa, Hokkaido born. Co., Ltd. digital content representative director
pursuit of light, is a video artist.
"I met people all, happy with the power of the video, to the person who saw take action" under the philosophy that says, the people of which is their mission "around the world, leaving a variety of beauty of the earth, tell "we are pursuing.
While the landscape image and nuclear, people, goods, things of the documentary, production and provide the 8K work.

Awards, exhibition-winning
2012 Provincial Government organized and Hokkaido attractive outgoing video Grand Prix
2016 4K Tokushima Film Festival Grand Prize
2018 first Asia trip film festival 2018 work Award

NTT Plala 4K "video continent Hokkaido"
travel channel 4K "Kinoiro Biei "Fuyunoiro / Natsunoiro
Hong Kong TVB" SmallTraveler "Season1-1 ~ 10 episodes, Season2-1 ~ 3 episodes
SKY 4K" LandSkip "# 001-010
(in-flight) you still do not know Hokkaido to travel in AIRDO
many other

DVD" memory "of Biei
BD, DVD" pond storing the blue "
DVD" Hokkaido name Kei Journey "
DVD" video continent Hokkaido "~ 12 Vol.1
DVD" video continent Hokkaido "EasternPart

photographer messages
show us the various seasons landscape Hokkaido.
We are happy to be able to work this land as the main field.
Here Biei of the landscape, the landscape is made up in the hardship of farmers to back the nature of the mountains.
While thanks to the farmers to grow crops that will created a variety of scenes, we would like to leave a record of this landscape to future generations.
From 4K · 5K video and 2018 8K image began to shoot from 2012, will deliver the Hokkaido landscape with a focus on Biei. Please enjoy the light and shadow of the image of the author unique.

Biei Photo Club・Biei Photo Group