Shooting rules

In order to keep the agriculture and landscape of the hills of the town Biei


Shooting Manor rules
Please cooperate when photos and video shoot

 Hill town Biei, a vast field is a place of magnificent natural and agricultural production against the backdrop of the Tokachi mountain range, forest, etc. has become the agricultural landscape itself is tourism resources, such as the patchwork that changes with the seasons come together you. Creating agricultural landscape is a certain individuality of the hill, is everyone also of farmers living in this region are you conservation.
 Looking forward to the hills of the landscape, the people who are taking pictures and video in this region, so thank you that I will refrain an act that would prevent the production activities of farmers. Also, when taking photos and video, give and take with each other, please observe the manners and rules.
 In order to inherit the future the importance of agricultural landscape, to our landscape conservation activities in cooperation with the region together with, please help us by all means.
We also agree with this activity.

General shooting manners

 Can not enter into a private land agricultural land (field-grass fields, forests, etc.) and residential land

1.You can not enter even in the sign display with no agricultural land

There is also a trespassing, fungi, pests of the back of the shoes that depressed will cause the crop infection damage
And winter period, agricultural land under be covered in snow has been cultivated, such as Maki Aki

2. If you park, be careful so as not to inconvenience farmers avoid the doorway or the like of the field
3. When farm work vehicle or the like is to move, be careful so as not to stop taking the way
4. It does not throw away the garbage, also be picked up even if not one of their own

The rules for taking action

That you first check whether photographing possible locations

Tripod, to be used only in a safe place

If you want to shoot the farmers in the work is to adhere to the portrait rights

That it does not is a nuisance to the general tourists, such as to monopolize the place

Flash photography is to be done in a range as not to disturb others

At their convenience, it does not change the environment or folded branches

Biei flight by the drone (unmanned aircraft) in the town, aerial photography is prohibited in principle
However, it excluded the following.

※ those from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and jurisdiction aviation Director-General has received the permission and request approval relating to the flight of the unmanned aircraft, and that the consent of the landowners
※ part of the flight by the Civil Aeronautics Act requires approval is prohibited. If you violate it may be punished by law. For more information, please contact the NPO corporation Biei photo image Association.